Brands & Locations covered

Brands & Locations covered


Digital Camera




Digital Camera



Best protection for your Digital Camera. Ever.

Extended Warranty on Digital Camera

Spills and Drops / Damage Protection

Comprehensive Damage Protection
  • Any Physical Damage. Covered
  • Any Liquid Damage (Water, Tea, Beer!). Covered
  • No-Questions-Asked Repairs
  • Repair or replacement guaranteed. If we cant repair it in time, you get a Free Replacement

Select Plan

  • 1 Year


This plan only covers digital cameras bought on or after Aug. 24, 2019

Extended Warranty

Extends & Replicates manufacturer's warranty
  • Extends your manufacturer's warranty to make your digital camera last longer
  • Covers Malfunctions & Breakdowns
  • Free Pick & Drop from your doorstep
  • Repair or replacement guaranteed. If we cant repair it in time, you get a Free Replacement

Select Plan

  • 1 Year


  • 2 Year

    1,000 800



This plan only covers digital cameras bought on or after Feb. 25, 2019
All Our Plans Include
  • Free Shipping

  • Authorised Service Centre

  • Totally Cashless

  • Email & Phone Support

  • Easy Refunds

Repair or Replace Guarantee

We promise that your device will be picked up, repaired & dropped back within 14 working days (may vary as per device & brand).
If we don’t meet our promise, we will give you a replacement device. Absolutely free.

No Excuses Ever
  • •      Spare parts not available, not an excuse.
  • •      Huge rush at the service centre, not an excuse.
  • •      Service centre understaffed, not an excuse.
  • •      We goof up somewhere, not an excuse.
  • •      Any other excuse that anyone can come up with. Still, not an excuse.
No Questions Asked
  • •      Device damaged? Just tell us and we will get into repair mode.
  • •      No irritating questions of how, why, when or where.
  • •      No doubts on you, or the incident.
  • •      We know, this is the time to act, not to interrogate!
What do I get as Replacement ?
  • Get the same make, model, if available in the open market.

  • Get a gift voucher. Helps when the digital camera you were using has been discontinued.

  • Like a new digital camera ? Get a gift voucher from us & upgrade yourself to the new digital camera.

  • Any other option suits you better? Write in to us at

Repairs At Only Authorised Service Centres

We have tie-ups with brand authorized service centers all over India. We ensure premium service, genuine parts, and complete transparency in the repair process.

In case your city does not have an authorized service center for your device, we may take help from a different, renowned brand’s centre for repairs

For high cost repairs, we'll get you the service centre invoice, if needed.

300 Brands Covered. Across India

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I protect my camera ?

    A humbling majority of cameras break down on their own over 3-4 years. Especially a camera which is used outdoors more often. Data suggests that on an average about 15k is spent over a camera within 4 years. Why not pay just a small fraction of it, and be happy.

  • How do I raise a claim request?

    Call us @ 1800220506 and share whats wrong with the camera. We will raise a request, get the camera picked up, repaired and delivered to you !

  • When does my warranty / protection start?

    Our Warranty plans starts on the day after the manufacturers warranty expires. If the brand warranty expires on 20 May 2016, our warranty starts on 21 May 2016, such that your camera is always covered.

  • Whats your international coverage policy?

    We cover cameras which have been purchased only in India. We will cover such cameras if they go bust in any part of the world! A few features like pick and drop may not be available in such cases. You will need to get the camera repaired, and we will reimburse you. Rest assured they are covered.

  • When should I protect my camera ?

    NOW! Do not delay it. Ideally a extended warranty should be purchased within 3 months of buying the camera. The more you delay, the more complicated it becomes. TIll one day something breaks and you realise, you are not covered under warranty.

  • Show me financial sense?

    Extended warranty for your precious 30k camera costs only Rs. 1,199. A simple circuit board malfunction will cost you more than Rs. 6,000 in the market. A smallish issue in the lens assembly will render it useless and cost upwards of Rs. 5,000. It always makes financial sense. Everytime!