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Coolest Protection For Your Air Conditioner

Available Plans
Plan Duration

The plan only covers air conditioner

Extended Warranty Features

  • Extends your manufacturer's warranty to make your Air Conditioner last longer
  • Covers Malfunctions & Breakdowns
  • Free @Home Service
  • 1 Free Preventive Maintenance Check every year
1st YEAR
2nd YEAR
3rd YEAR
4th YEAR
5th YEAR
Manufacturer Warranty
Upto 4 Years Extended Warranty

Air Conditioner plans

Rs. 4k

Average savings
on repair


Customers satisfied
with repairs


Average monthly
repair searches

Our Service Promise

No Questions Asked

Our acceptance rate is 99.4%.
We don’t ask any questions at the
time of raising a service request

High Quality Repairs

Only authorized service
centers and genuine
spare parts

Zero Paperwork

There are no forms to be filled or invoices to be submitted

Repair or Replacement

We will repair your device within
the promised timeline. If not,
you get a free replacement

Free Pick & Drop

We get your device picked,
repaired and dropped at
your doorstep

At-Home Service

For large appliances, we send a professional technician home for repairs

Manufacturer Warranty v/s Extended Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty
Extended Warranty
Manufacturing defects & malfunctions
Why buy this plan
Not Applicable
With all defects and malfunctions covered, use your device for longer
Physical or liquid damage
Completely cashless
When to purchase
Not Applicable
Within 6 months of buying your device
Free pickup & drop services
Repair or replacement
Screen & display damage
Coverage period
Typically 1st year of device life
Starts on the next day of expiry of manufacturer warranty

How it Works:

Onsitego Advantage

  • Your device breaks or malfunctions
  • You raise a service request or
    call us at 1800 220 506
  • We get your device picked and delivered or send a technician home for repairs

Our WOW Service Philosophy

“Repair or Replacement Guarantee. No Questions Asked Policy.
Hassle-Free Service.”

On-time Service

Having a defined turnaround time for each process, our machine learning algorithms allow us to auto-approve service requests and assign the right technician for the right job.
Things break down all the time, and we're there when and where you want us.

‘No Questions Asked’

Device damaged? Just tell us and we will get into repair mode. We will not ask you questions like how, why, when or where your device was damaged.
There will be no doubts on you, the incident or the accident. We know that this is the time to act, not to interrogate! That's why our acceptance rate is highest in the industry, at 99.4%.

What 'Wow' Looks Like
for Service

Your device is your lifeline and we understand that. Our Cx experts design processes to give you, what we call, 'Wow' service to make your life easy. We take care of your device as our own. Your device’s safety is our responsibility and commitment.

Living Up to the Promise: Customer Testimonials

testimonials image

Anil TyagiWe bought a Carrier AC from Croma about a year and a half ago with an extended warraty for the next 2 years. When I asked for the service, I was directed to Onsitego. My experience with Onsitego has been absolutely fantastic. I have never come across any service company which is so dedicated into providing the right service on time and with efficiency. Very very happy with Onsitego. Read More

testimonials image

Vaishali KadamI had purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 from Croma along with the Onsitego Spills & Drops Protection plan. Within a year, there was a screen damage and I contacted Onsitego. They picked my phone, repaired and returned it within 8 days. I'm happy with the Onsitego service and I highly recommend it to everyone. Read More

testimonials image

Asmat ShaikhI purchased the Onsitego Extended Warranty plan with my Voltas AC from Vijay Sales. When I started facing cooling issues with my AC, Onsitego sent a professional technician home to fix it and the problem was resolved in 2 days. I love the Onsitego service and I highly recommend their extended warranty plan. Read More

testimonials image

Dr. Bhakti Tunkiwala I was travelling on a trekking trip to Ladkh. My phone was in my jacket. I soon realised that the side screen of my phone had cracked. Luckily I had purchased the Onsitego Spills & Drops Protection plan along with my Samsung phone. On returning from my trip, I contacted Onsitego. My device was picked up, repaired and returned to me in mint condition in just 2 days and I didn't even have to pay anything. It's good to buy the plan for your new purchase. I was very happy with the service. Read More

testimonials image

Bhavna KhannaI had purchased a Samsung J2 Pro with the Onsitego Spills & Drops Protection plan for my daughter. After a year, she accidentally dropped her phone and the body was damaged. Onsitego repaired and returned the phone in a proper condition and I didn't have to pay a single penny for repairs. If I had not to purchase the plan, I would have ended up spending nothing less than Rs 6,000 or even more. I'm very happy with the experience I had with Onsitego. Read More

testimonials image

Neha AgrawalGood service..immediate action and very supportive team Read More

testimonials image

GetanjaliI am happy with your service. The engineer was on time and he had good knowledge. He repaired my refrigerator properly. Read More

testimonials image

Saif PathanService is very good as compared to other service providers Read More

testimonials image

Manoj SinghI am happy with your overall service. The engineer's conduct was good and most importantly, he had good knowledge about water purifiers. He repaired it properly. Thank you for your service. Read More

testimonials image

Mohit BajajHad a Good Experience with Onsitego, Prompt Service. Read More

testimonials image

Pankaj KaushikOnsitego is a very good service provider. They give the best service every time and they also give full invoice amount refund if the product is under the onsitego plan and cannot be repaired. I will prefer to use Onsitego everytime I buy a new product. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Onsitego Extended Warranty?

Onsitego Extended Warranty replicates the warranty provided by your manufacturer for a period of up to 4 years beyond what the manufacturer provides. The plan covers all malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the device or appliance. Extended Warranty is applicablefor up to 4 additional years after the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty, depending on the plan you buy. However, the sum of the manufacturer's warranty and extended warranty should not exceed 5 years. You can buy Extended Warranty till up to 6 months after purchasing a device or appliance.

Why should I get extended warranty for my AC?

We all want our ACs to cool us for at least 4-5 years. A humbling majority of ACs break down on their own over 3-4 years. Be it the compressor or blowers or smaller things like elecronic parts. Data suggests that on an average about 12k is spent over a AC within 4 years. Why not pay just a small fraction of it, and be happy.

Are all ACs covered?

Yes. We cover all AC types. Split AC, Window AC ranging from 1 ton to 3 tons, from all the major brands LG, Samsung, BlueStar, Voltas, Carrier, Hitachi. We cover them all.

How do I raise a claim request?

Call us @ 1800220506 and share whats wrong with the AC. We will raise a request, get a brand technician at your place, get it repaired in-site. If immediate repair is not possible, we will get the AC shipped at the service workshop, get it repaired and delivered to you !

When does my warranty start?

Our Warranty plans starts on the day after the manufacturers warranty expires. If the brand warranty expires on 20 May 2016, our warranty starts on 21 May 2016, such that your air conditioner is always covered.

When should I protect the air conditioner?

NOW! Do not delay it. Ideally a extended warranty should be purchased within 3 months of buying the air conditioner. Delay will prove costly. We expect a air-conditioner to work beautifully for at least 4-6 years. The only way is by getting an extended warranty.

All About Air Conditioner Repair & Maintainance

My AC doesn't cool like it used to before. What can I do?

Lack of cooling could possibly arise due lack of proper maintenance. To keep your air conditioner (AC) in a good working condition, it's important that you switch on the AC for at least 15 minutes twice a week. When the air conditioner is not in use for months at a stretch, it begins to show signs of failure like lack of cooling, and gas leakage. Read More

Is it true that running the AC at 22 C can help cut down my electricity cost?

Always set the air conditioner temperature between 24 - 26 degrees. Setting the AC just one degree warmer than you normally would can cut cooling costs. Also ensure that your air conditioner is in good shape by regularly cleaning the blowers and replacing the filter or coil whenever necessary. Read More

How often do the AC filters needs to be changed?

The filter should be cleaned once every 2-3 months to keep it running in good working condition. If you think the filter is too clogged and cannot be cleaned, you can buy a new filter. Read More

My air conditioner gas keeps leaking every few months. Does that mean it's time to buy a new AC?

If your air conditioner is not very old, this issue can be resolved by changing the coils. Once there is gas leakage, the issue arises every few months in spite of gas charging, which affects the cooling process. This is a more common problem if you are located around coastal regions or anywhere close to sewage, where air pollution is high. Read More

How often should an air conditioner be serviced?

One wet and one dry service a year for your air conditioner is a must, whether it is a split AC or a window AC. Read More

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