Here’s How You Can Do A Samsung Warranty Check For Your Samsung Device

Devices sometimes break or break down. This is frustrating, especially when you urgently need to get some work done. If this happens within the Samsung warranty period, you need not worry, as your device is covered. But if it happens after the Samsung warranty expires, you’ll be in trouble. Moreover, not too many people keep track of their device’s warranty period. If you are one of them, the Samsung Warranty Check can be of great help to you. This feature on Samsung’s website gives you all the required information about your device. Here’s more on Samsung Warranty Check


Why Choose OnsiteGo? For free pick & drop service.

Why Protect Your Device? To extend its life by a year.

What Do We Cover? Malfunctions and breakdowns.

What Do We Offer? Extended Warranty, Screen Protection and Spills and Drops Protection / Damage Protection.

Why Is Samsung Warranty Check Important?

Samsung Warranty Check is useful when you have to get your Samsung device fixed within the warranty period. Once you’ve registered the Samsung product online, it gives you all the required details about your device.


Samsung Product Registration

1. Visit the Samsung 'Product Registration' page to register your Samsung device online. If it’s the first time you’re registering a product with Samsung, choose Option 1 and click the ‘Find’ button to start searching for your product's model number, else choose Option 2.

2. Next, choose the product type and follow the steps to make selections that locate your product's model number. Choose it and select ‘Submit’.

3. Finally, fill in your personal details, the serial number / IMEI number of the product, date purchased as well as location from where it was purchased and click ‘Continue’. You will see all the required device details.


How To Do a Samsung Warranty Check?

Visit the Samsung Warranty Check page and enter the serial number / IMEI number and click ‘Search’ to find the warranty status of your device. (As far as phones are concerned, you can get the IMEI no of your Samsung phone by typing *#06# on the phone).


Plan to Extend Your Samsung Warranty?

Phones and tablets have a shorter lifespan as compared to laptops and other large appliances. They can perform well for up to two years, after which if the software is not updated, it may require constant repair. This is one reason why we recommend an extended warranty. The best thing about the OnsiteGo Extended Warranty plan is that it prolongs the life of your device by up to 4 years (depending on the device) at a very low cost. Also, the plan covers all the defects and malfunctions that is covered in the Samsung warranty and starts immediately after the Samsung warranty expires. It costs as low as Rs 217 for phones and the good thing is that the plan offers free pick and drop, which is inclusive of the plan price. Also, all the repairs are done at the Samsung service center and OnsiteGo gives you a timely repair or replacement guarantee. All this at just a fraction of the device price, is not a bad idea!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

QWill I get all the details related to my Lenovo device using the Samsung Warranty Check tool?

  • Yes, the Samsung Warranty Check tool will help you with information like your device details, its current warranty status and its coverage details.

QIs Samsung Warranty Check applicable on all Samsung devices?

  • Yes, Samsung Warranty Check is applicable on all Samsung devices.

QDo I have to register my Samsung device online before doing a Samsung Warranty Check?

  • Yes, you need to first register your Samsung device by clicking here before you do a Samsung Warranty Check.

Q What do I do after the Samsung Warranty Check if the warranty has expired?

QHow reliable is the Samsung Warranty Check?

  • Samsung Warranty Check on the Samsung site is accurate and 100 per cent reliable.

Q Does the Samsung Warranty Check give information about Samsung devices purchased in India or abroad?

  • Yes, the Samsung Warranty Check gives you information about Samsung devices, no matter where it was purchased from.

QWill OnsiteGo repair my Samsung device if it was purchased in India but breaks down while I’m travelling abroad?

  • OnsiteGo currently has a Pan India service and only repairs devices purchased in India.

QDoes the OnsiteGo plan cover everything that the Samsung Warranty Check shows online?

  • Yes, OnsiteGo covers all the defects and malfunctions, covered under the Samsung Warranty Check.