How To do an HP Warranty Check Online

HP Warranty Check helps you with product warranty information including coverage dates and deliverables. The first thing you should ideally do after buying an HP laptop / tablet is get it registered, so that you get all the product-related information online. If you’re clueless about how to register and do an HP warranty check, we tell you how…


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Why Is HP Warranty Check Important?

Once you fill in your personal and purchase details on the HP Warranty Check page, you can begin creating a service request. This feature is useful when you have to get your HP device fixed within the HP warranty period. It also lets you check your warranty status online, once you’ve registered your HP device.


Registering an HP Device Online

  • Click here to register your HP device online. Fill in your country, preferred language and the type of use (personal or business). Now, find the HP model number that you want to register.
  • Fill in your personal and purchase details and click ‘Continue’. You will see all the required device details.

How To Do a HP Warranty Check?

If you want to know your product’s warranty status, you can use the HP warranty check tool. Click here and manually enter your country and serial number of your HP device. The serial number can be found on your bar code stickers, typically located at the back of your product.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q Will I get all the details related to my HP device using the HP Warranty Check tool?

  • Yes, the HP warranty check tool will help you with information like your device details, its current warranty status and its coverage details.

QIs HP warranty check applicable on all HP devices?

  • Yes, HP warranty check is applicable on all HP devices.

QDo I have to register my HP device online before doing an HP Warranty Check?

  • Yes, you need to first register your HP device on the HP site before you do an HP warranty check.

Q What do I do after the HP warranty check if the warranty has expired?

  • If your HP warranty has expired, you can extend it with the OnsiteGo Extended Warranty plan. It covers all the defects and malfunctions, covered under the HP warranty. Click here for more details.

QHow reliable is the HP warranty check?

  • HP warranty check on the HP site is accurate and 100 per cent reliable.

Q Does the HP warranty check give information about HP devices purchased in India or abroad?

  • Yes, HP warranty check gives you information about HP devices, no matter where it was purchased from.

QWill OnsiteGo repair my HP device if it was purchased in India but breaks down while I’m travelling abroad?

  • OnsiteGo currently has a Pan India service and only repairs devices purchased in India.

QDoes the OnsiteGo plan cover everything that the HP warranty check shows online?

  • Yes, OnsiteGo covers all the defects and malfunctions that is covered under the HP warranty check.