Mobile phone companies these days are coming up with a lot of features and qualities leaving us all astound and, in a dilemma, when it comes to buying the best phone. In fact, they’ve been paying a lot more attention to their camera quality in order to give a superior quality experience to their users. The fact still remains, no matter how good your phone’s camera, you still need a photo app for some effects and filters to make your pictures look extraordinary. Here are 5 such apps to choose from…

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1. Retrica

If you’re obsessed with clicking a lot of pictures, we’re guessing you already know about Retrica. The app consists of more than 100 filters that gives you a live preview of what your picture will look like in the viewfinder. It has a simple interface and works well for those looking at giving their images a funky twist with some cool filters and effects. Its free on the App Store as well as Play Store.

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2. Snapseed

The Google-owned app, Snapseed is the most unique and user-friendly app you must have ever come across. Snapseed gives you access to its raw-compatibility tool that lets you use a wide range of features in just a few clicks. It also lets you add texts and frames along with the selective focus and dodging facility. In all, it’s one of the best and simplest photo editing apps to use with easy controls and great tools.

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3. CameraZoom FX

With CameraZoom FX, you get to learn a lot of technicalities such as shutter speed adjustments, which not all of us may know about. This is one of the best apps when it comes to Zoom Camera apps. It comes with various shooting modes viz Time-lapse mode, best shot mode, Stable shot mode, HDR mode, etc. Not just this, the app also comes with various filters and stickers to make your pictures stand out.

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4. Camera 360

Who doesn’t know about Camera 360? The app shows up filters with various lenses before you even click a picture, which helps you decide which filter suits you best. Apart from this, the app also has inbuilt stickers and cartoon effects, giving us all the more reason to install this app right away!

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5. Panorama 360

As the name suggests, Panorama 360 lets you capture the best of 360-degree – something that you can’t capture in a single frame. You can also watch videos at the same time, while you click panorama shots. In fact, the app has been ranked No.1 for its best quality 360-degree photos. It’s the highest downloaded app and features a large community of users that are also passionate about panoramas. Plus, it’s social media friendly because it lets you quickly share your photos to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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There are many more photo editing apps available but these are the 5 best apps we’d recommend you try using to give your pictures a magical effect. Also, to continue clicking good pictures its important that you take good care of your device. That’s possible with the Onsitego Damage Protection Plan to save your device from any spills, drops or other damages.

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